At the moment there is no Residency Programme available.


See below for our past programmes:

In year 2018  we have opened our studio for Riso Residency.

Risographs with 5 color drums, computer, tools for post-production, personal risography workshop and a loft to live in. Local and international artists, art researchers, culture managers are welcome to work on their projects and develop them using risography.

There is no particular selection of the candidates, however, we ask artists to send a link to their portfolio, brief motivation letter or planned project proposal as it will be important in case several artists apply for the same period. In any case artists or printers are free to do  whatever they like. Collaborations with local artists are always welcome and we are here to help Artist-in-Residency to organize some event. We are also open for any spontaneous ideas.

Benefits and equipment

Despite the fact that we are calling our residensy ‘risodency’ the more correct name should be ‘ricohdency’. Few years ago we buried our last RISO machine (RC5600) and completely switched to RICOH, the main competitor of RISO. There are only minor  technical differences  used by both companies, so it won’t be a problem to work with our duplicators if you already have some experience with RISO. In any case, one of our residency benefits is personal workshop that we will do just at the beginning of your stay.
Our studio is equiped with 2 RICOH digital duplicators: JP-8500 and TC-II (twin color printing system). One machine is networked others not. Information about colors we stock can be found here.
At the moment we stock different  kind of Munken paper, as well some HolmenBook, Image Coloraction, Image Recycled, Kaskad etc. If you need another kind of paper you can buy it yourself in some paper shop in town or we can order it from our supplier.
We also have different manual post-printing equipment: cutters, saddle stitchers, some device for making perfect binding etc. and some drawing tools (e.g. light table).
What we do not have is photoshop and/or other proprietary software. We use only open source graphic tools. So if you need photoshop or other specific software, you should bring your own laptop or your copy of the software.
Residency contribution
As we are running Riso Residency program without any support from external funds,  artists have to cover all the expenses by themselves.
The residency contribution for 1 month is 400 eur (printing materials and paper not included). Max stay is 4 weeks, though you can choose staying for 1 week (150 eur), 2 weeks (250 eur) or 3 weeks (350 eur).
Material costs are not included in the accommodation price, so  the artists  should pay extra for materials they used during the stay. There is different price for every A3 copy depending on paper used from our stock (0.07 to 0.12 EUR incl. ink and paper ) and for every master (0.5 EUR per master).
Also we are asking  to leave us at least 3 copies of the printed project copy-run as donation for our shop or zine-library.
We’ll check all the counters before the stay and calculate it at the end of the residency.
We accept only advance payment.
How to apply
Please fill in the available application form.  After we have received your application, we will contact you with further details.
From time to time we are having our own printing  projects and workshops during the year.  It is not clear how much and when exactly it will be, but we will ask Artists-in-Residency to make studio and printing equipment available for these events. We will inform them about it ASAP.  In any case artists are welcome to participate in our projects or just have some free time during these events.