SW/ON #4

Fourth issue of comics fanzine Still Without Name (SW/ON) is called “Delusions and errors”.  You can order this edition in our GALLERY/SHOP.

Details of this issue :

Risograph print
Limited edition of 250 copies
100% hand-made.
Size: A5
Cover: soft, saddle stitch binding, 5 colors
Pages: 44 + cover
Paper: inside – Holmen Book 60 gsm, cover – Munken Pure Rough 150 gsm.

Printed by using water based ink with organic pigments


Ana Kun (Romania)
Ana Kun is a lowbrow artist who combines narrative and image in visual works referring pop culture.

Birute Bikelyte (Lithuania)
Birute Bikelyte is a post-disciplinary designer mimicking observed reality in her free time. Building a tree house, healing Soviet trauma, researching the death of museums, designing creativity books and board games for children, making interactive map for alternative urban exploration, etc.

Boris Pramatarov (Bulgaria)
Boris Pramatarov (1989) is a Bulgarian visual artist, based in Belgium. He was elected in the top 10 “Young talents“ at the Angoulême International Comics Festival 2013, his comic project “Machines à cubes” was published in Jeunes Talents Angoulême album (Iconograf-Atelier BD).

Chiara Lammens (Belgium)
Chiara Lammens lives and works in Ghent, Belgium. She investigates the boundaries between the classic comic-strip, different ways of storytelling, genretableaux, prehistoric murals and so on. All these influences make for a colourful mash-up of influences and gives lead towards the acting out of little histories. Together, the images make up an exiting mix of strange improbabilities, age-old love stories, disorienting accidents and other rabbles.

Egle Plytnikaite (Lithuania)
Egle Plytnikaite is a freelance illustrator, working and living in Vilnius, Lithuania. After graduating from architecture studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Vilnius (2014) Egle began to work in the sustainable architecture field. Soon her focus was taken by illustration and so she started her career.

Gerda Jord (Lithuania)
Lithuanian comics artist Gerda Jord works on short and long comics which are constantly published in Lithuanian cultural press and her personal blog gerdajord.blogspot.com. She is often inspired with history, personalities, absurd and beauty.  In collaboration with Miglė Anušauskaitė Gerda has published a graphic novel “10 litų” in 2014.

Gianluca Sturmann (Italy)
Gianluca Sturmann is an Italian illustrator and designer. He takes his inspiration from nature, music and zen meditation.

Ieva Gvazdaityte (Lithuania)
A woman living in a mushroom

Ilya Pasawetawat (Russia)

Jana Lenova (Slovakia)
Jana Lenova is a graphic designer and illustrator currently working as a freelancer in Vienna (Austria). Jana like cats, good food, patterns, colors and sound of sea. In her projects Jana is mostly looking for borders between design, art and illustration. It is challenge for her to experiment with forms of graphic design and try to find new possibilities of visuality as it is common.

jrs0ul (Lithuania)
jrs0ul is a programmer and illustrator from Lithuania. He was making a few games over a decade, but suddenly realized that programming is not meant for him, nor could successfully express his ideas, as it can be expressed through comics. So jrs0ul ditched programming and returned to comics drawing!

Juste Urbonaviciute (Lithuania)
Juste Urbonaviciute is a freelance photographer/illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Juste Venclovaite (Lithuania)
Juste Venclovaite lives and works in Vilnius. She does different things, mostly related to art in one way or another.

Laura Kenins (Latvia/Canada)
Laura Kenins is a Latvian-Canadian comic artist living in Riga, Latvia and Halifax, Canada. In between making comics she writes about the arts and teaches haunted kindergarteners.

Lina Itagaki (Lithuania)
Lina Itagaki graduated from Vilnius Art Academy (graphic art) a year ago and now is trying to become an illustrator. Likes drawing illustrations and comics, creating artist books. Recently she started to enjoy drawing big illustrations on the walls.

Luigi Filippelli (Italy)
Luigi Filippelli is a cartoonist and a short stories lover. He likes autumn, Suikoden and Henri Rousseau. In 2011 together with Nadia Bordonali he founded a small, independent publishing house: MalEdizioni. On the same year they created “Tra le Nuvole”, a traveling comic festival that bring comics in the provinces libraries. His last book is “13 sardine circa”.

Migle Anusauskaite (Lithuania)
Migle Anusauskaite draws comics about literature, science, movies and everyday human life (as she is a human herself). She has a comics column in a paper “Siaures Atenai” and has published a comic book “10 litu” together with Gerda Jord. Comic in this zine is an excerpt from upcoming project “K+V+K”.

Nerijus Smola (Lithuania)
Nerijus Smola, now living and working in Kaunas, is a illustrator and undeground comix fanzine publisher since 1999. Nerijus has created his first comix during Geology studies in Germany. From that time he has published few fanzines together with other comics artists from Germany, Czech Republic, UK and Lithuania. Nerijus is also one of the members of Lithuanian comics group and small press publisher “Kitokia grafika”.

Nettmann (Germany)
Nettmann is 1980 awardee of the gallery at the primary school,1982 got trophy for the funniest costume at the final ceremony at the summer camp,1984 studied in the fine arts class of the local youth club, 1990 became member of the Berlin based comic crew “Renate”* and co-editor of the same name fanzine,1994 released first cartoonbook, 1998 got driving licence, 2013 got a son and started topical project “Familienjuwelen”, a comicblog in collaboration with his colleague and friend Anna Bas Backer, 2014 his 8th and freshest cartoonbook was released at the chartbreaking German publishing house Jaja Verlag.

Tadas Bujanauskas (Lithuania)
Neither tomorrow nor today: – 12:00 o’clock.

Zane Zlemesa (Latvia)
Zane Zlemesa is from Riga, studying there Graphic Art and doing drawings as illustrations and comics. Zane like books and looking forward to draw forever.

Thank you all very much!

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