Comics fanzine Still Without Name (SW/ON) #2 is finished. You can order this limited , completely hand-made and self-published edition in our GALLERY/SHOP.

Details of this issue :

Risograph print
Limited edition of 100 copies
100% hand-made. No machines (except Riso) involved
Size: 14cm x 14.5cm
Cover – soft, perfect binding, 2 colours
Pages – 44 black and white + cover
Paper – inside: Image Recycled (100% recycled), 80 gsm, cover: Mondi ColourPrint (100 % recycled) 160 gsm or watercolor painting paper 210 gsm.
Printed by using soy ink (blue colour) or organic pigments (red colour)

Contributors: Viktė Ežiukas (Lithuania), Justė Venclovaitė (Lithuania), Alessandro Ripane (Italy), Justė urbonavičiūtė (Lithuania), Vytautas Stakutis (Lithuania), Anna Krztoń (Poland), @IdeaG (Arūnas Liuiza) (Lithuania), Ieva Gvazdaitytė (Lithuania), Pillowsvslegs (Tadas Bujanauskas & Ieva Gvazdaitytė (Lithuania), Renata Gąsiorowska (Poland), Michał Rzecznik (Poland), Taís Koshino, Ivaylo Draganov (Bulgaria), Milena Simeonova (Bulgaria). Cover – Akvilė Misevičiūtė (Lithuania).

Just Indie Comics  wrote about SW/ON #2: “Most of the artists published in this issue of SW/ON are from Eastern Europe, such as Polish Renata Gąsiorowska, here in a more lo-fi version than the one of mini Kuš! #21, but always brilliant in showing the complicated operation of a machine with a very simple purpose. The low fidelity is indeed the common denominator of the anthology, which is made up of black and white drawings often barely sketched: a good example is the funny one-page story by Arūnas Liuiza, taken from the series Birdsonwire. In this manifesto of typographical simplicity we also find works that stand out not only for ideas but also for the refined results. I mention in particular the contributions of Anna Krztoń with three pages on a city possessed by the machines, the Genoese Alessandro Ripane, who is clearly a rising star of Italian comics, and over all Milena Simeonova. Her contribution, already printed in the fourth issue of Bulgarian anthology Co-mixer, reveals exquisite skill in the difficult task of graphically translate the concepts of resonance and echo […]”